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The Mentalist Episodes

Episode 1 – Pilot

Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation.  Within the Bureau, Jane is notorious for his blatant lack of protocol and his semi-celebrity past as a former psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. Jane’s role in cracking a series of tough high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents. However, no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon openly resists having Jane in her unit and alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Jane’s usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries.  Lisbon’s team includes agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt, who all think Jane’s a loose cannon, but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases.

In the premiere episode, CBI consultant Patrick Jane, Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and her team investigate the double murder in Palm Springs of a pro golfer’s wife and her doctor – which has the hallmarks of a serial killer with a personal connection to Jane.

Episode 2 – Red Hair and Silver Tape

While Lisbon and her team investigate the murder of a young waitress in the Napa Valley, Jane goes behind Lisbon’s back to orchestrate his own undercover operation using Van Pelt as bait.

Episode 3 – Red Tide

When a high school girl’s body washes up on the beach, Patrick Jane sets a mentalist trap in order to get her surfing friends to turn on each other and reveal what really happened.

Episode 4 – Ladies in Red

When the team learns that a wealthy investment banker found murdered inside his locked safe room was living a dual life and skimming millions from clients, Patrick Jane sets up a mental conundrum to see which of the suspects will show their true colors.

Episode 5 – Redwood

When a girl is found covered in blood and holding the murder weapon that killed her best friend, she becomes an obvious suspect, though she can’t remember anything.  But Jane, believing she’s innocent, engineers a risky maneuver in which she must relive the terrifying events in order to spark her memory.

Episode 6 – Red Handed

While investigating the case of a murdered casino owner, Patrick Jane uses his mentalist skills to ultimately entrap the killer – and win big at the card tables.

Episode 7 – Seeing Red

Patrick Jane goes head-to-head with a “psychic” he suspects of murder.  Intent on proving the so-called psychic is a fraud — as well as a killer — Jane arranges a séance to expose the murderer.

Episode 8 – Thin Red Line

While the police suspect a drug dealer on trial is behind the murders of the State’s witness in his case, as well as his girlfriend, Patrick Jane sees a different motive for the crime — as well as a different suspect.

Episode 9 – Flame Red

Patrick Jane suspects the only surviving member of a National Guard unit of murdering his friends – and goes undercover to prove it.

Episode 10 – Red Brick and Ivy

When a leading scientific researcher is killed by poisoning, Patrick Jane takes a personal interest in the case when he learns the prime suspect is the victim’s wife – and Jane’s former psychiatrist.

Episode 11 – Red John’s Friends

Enticed by the promise from a convicted murder that he’ll reveal information about Red John upon his release, Patrick Jane becomes singularly focused and quits the CBI in order to prove the prisoner is innocent.

Episode 12 – Red Rum

Patrick Jane sets a mentalist trap to find out who is responsible for the murder of a high school football star who antagonized the local self-proclaimed witch by killing her cat.

Episode 13 – Paint It Red

While it appears obvious that a business tycoon’s son-in-law was in on the robbery of a $50 million painting since his body is found where the painting once hung, Patrick Jane suspects others – including a Russian oil baron, an art forger and an art curator.

Episode 14 – Crimson Casanova

With Patrick Jane’s help, Cho goes undercover as a sweet-talking ladies man with all the right moves in order to catch a pick-up artist and killer with his own set of pseudo-mentalist techniques.

Episode 15 – Scarlett Fever

As Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the poisoning death of the “queen bee” in a country club who’s murdered at a cocktail party in her home, they discover that the community is full of secrets – including love affairs and drug abuse.

Episode 16 – Bloodshot

When Patrick Jane loses his sight as a result of an explosion, he must rely on his other senses during the murder investigation of a financial advisor.

Episode 17 – Carnelian Inc.

Patrick Jane takes on corporate America in a story of greed and betrayal that pits Jane against a group of financiers when the CBI investigates a series of murders at a corporate retreat in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Episode 18 – Russet Potatoes

Patrick Jane and the CBI team track down a mastermind who hypnotizes people into doing his bidding — by telling them who to kill.

Episode 19 – A Dozen Red Roses

Patrick Jane and the CBI team go to Hollywood when they investigate the murder of a movie producer.

Episode 20 – Red Sauce

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a mobster who was in the witness protection program.

Episode 21 – Miss Red

Patrick Jane uses his mentalist skills to play suspects off each other in order to solve the case of a wealthy software company CEO found murdered on his yacht.

Episode 22 – Blood Brothers

Patrick Jane must find a clever way to convince the troubled kids in a wilderness program to confide in him about what really happened surrounding the death of one of their peers.

Episode 23 – Red John’s Footsteps

On the first season finale, Lisbon fears that the serial killer, Red John is drawing Patrick Jane into a trap when the CBI team investigates the murder of a young girl and the abduction of her twin sister.

Episode 1 – Redemption

Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation. Notorious for his lack of protocol and past as a sham psychic, Jane’s got a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes with his razor sharp skills of observation.  With a little more edge and a lot more office dynamics, the California Bureau of Investigation’s super sleuth solves case after case like a cat among the procedural pigeons!  Highlighting new faces and a series of roadblocks, both personal and professional, season two of “The Mentalist” delves not only into the shadows of Patrick Jane’s well-concealed past, but also the personal histories and dynamics of the other CBI team members — including Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt.

In the second season premiere, Jane and Lisbon learn that the Red John case has been reassigned to a new CBI team led by the straight-shooting officer Sam Bosco.

Episode 2 – The Scarlet Letter

Lisbon and the CBI team work the case of a prominent State Senator’s murdered intern, while Jane simultaneously tries to find out what new information Agent Bosco has uncovered on the Red John case.

Episode 3 – Red Badge

Patrick Jane and CBI Agents Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt decide to conduct their own investigation when Lisbon is accused of murdering a recently paroled child molester she arrested in her past.

Episode 4 – Red Menace

Patrick Jane, Agent Lisbon and CBI agents investigate the murder of a successful criminal attorney whose only client is one of California’s most dangerous and powerful motorcycle gangs.

Episode 5 – Redscare

Patrick Jane, Agent Lisbon and CBI team investigate the death of a wealthy man who witnesses say was killed by a ghost haunting his mansion.

Episode 6 – Black Gold and Red Blood

Even after Bosco arrests Jane and puts him in prison for spying on him, Jane is able to help the CBI team from his cell to solve the murder of a young man.

Episode 7 – Red Bulls

Chief Minelli orders Patrick Jane and Lisbon and company to play nice and work together with Bosco and his team to locate a kidnapped woman being held for ransom.

Episode 8 – His Red Right Hand

The CBI team is faced with a violent and shocking crime in its own office, but must work the case in spite of their alarm of who may be behind it.  Meanwhile, Agents Rigsby and Van Pelt are definitely an “item.”

Episode 9 – A Price Above Rubies

Patrick Jane and the team are called to investigate the robbery and murder of a wealthy jeweler while attending a black tie fundraiser for the CBI.

Episode 10 – Throwing Fire

While Jane and the team examine a crime scene where a baseball scout has been found murdered, Jane is clocked in the head and knocked unconscious by a ball — causing him to flash back to his childhood with his overbearing father, Alex.

Episode 11 – Rose-Colored Glasses

Rigsby goes undercover as an alumnus at a fifteenth high school reunion when Patrick Jane and the team investigate a double homicide that may be linked to an old prank.

Episode 12 – Bleeding Heart

Patrick Jane and the team investigate the murder of a mayor’s aide, and Rigsby and Van Pelt make a big announcement.

Episode 13 – Redline

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a high-end luxury car saleswoman whose body is found in the trunk of a Bentley in the dealership’s showroom.

Episode 14 – Blood In, Blood Out

When a member of Cho’s former gang, the Avon Park Playboys, is found murdered, Patrick Jane insists on helping Cho with his personal, off-the-books investigation.

Episode 15 – Red Herring

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a prominent (and arrogant) chef during a cooking competition in Napa Valley.

Episode 16 – Code Red

When Dr. Alicia Seberg, a government research scientist, is exposed to a deadly toxin while at work and has only hours to live, she calls Patrick Jane and the CBI to find her murderer.

Episode 17 – The Red Box

Patrick Jane, Lisbon and the CBI team brace themselves to finally meet their new boss, Special Agent Madeleine Hightower.

Episode 18 – Aingavite Baa

When a “Jane Doe” with amnesia and covered in blood steps in front of Cho and Van Pelt’s car, Patrick Jane must use all of his skills to discover who she is, her last location and why she lost her memory.

Episode 19 – Blood Money

When Patrick Jane’s unorthodox conduct causes the case of a confessed hitman to be tossed out of court, his annoyed CBI team must start the investigation over from scratch.

Episode 20 – Red All Over

When a media mogul is murdered, Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate cult leader Bret Stiles, who may have had an axe to grind following the publication of a critical story about his group.

Episode 21 – 18-5-4

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the death of a mathematical genius by a gun-wielding clown.

Episode 22 – Red Letter

Romantic sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and supposed psychic Kristina Frye cross paths again during the CBI investigation into the murder of a charismatic head of a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.

Episode 23 – Red Sky In The Morning

Patrick Jane and Kristina Frye’s first date is interrupted by a report of Red John striking again — which is discovered to be a copycat.  But when Kristina reaches out to the real Red John, both she and Jane find themselves in grave danger, on the second season finale cliffhanger.

Episode 1 – Red Sky At Night

The CBI investigates the kidnapping of a prominent lawyer and state house lobbyist and the DLE Director wants Jane on the case but Jane remains uncertain about his future with the unit.

Episode 2 – Cackle-Bladder Blood

When Jane’s brother-in-law, Danny Ruskin returns to town and gets mixed up in a murder investigation, Jane must revisit his shady past and come to his aid despite personal reservations

Episode 3 – The Blood On His Hands

When Patrick Jane once again takes on cult leader Bret Stiles, Stiles offers Jane information regarding Red John and the missing psychic, Kristina Frye.

Episode 4 – Red Carpet Treatment

Patrick Jane and the CBI team are called in to investigate the murder of a convict who served nine years for rape and murder, but was recently released on DNA evidence

Episode 5 – The Red Ponies

Patrick Jane and the CBI team are pulled deep inside the world of horse racing after a jockey is found murdered and suspects abound.

Episode 6 – Pink Chanel Suit

The case of a murder and a missing person on an intensely guarded wealthy family’s compound perplexes Patrick Jane and the CBI team.

Episode 7 – Red Hot

Jane and the CBI team escape a fiery end when a building explodes while they’re investigating a death threat.  Meanwhile, sparks fly between Lisbon and billionaire Walter Mashburn when they meet again on the case.

Episode 8 – Ball Of Fire

When Patrick Jane is kidnapped, Lisbon and the CBI team go back through years of Jane’s casework to find suspects only to realise that almost everyone he’s ever dealt with might want to harm him.

Episode 9 – Red Moon

Patrick Jane accepts the help of a local astrologer, Ellis Mars, to solve the puzzling case of a triple homicide that involves two policemen.

Episode 10 – Jolly Red Elf

The CBI pursues two lines of investigation when a Santa is murdered. Following the demise of a person in custody, J.J. LaRoche is brought in to question the team when it looks to be an inside job.

Episode 11 – Bloodsport

Patrick Jane and the CBI team delve into the world of professional fighting when the body of a woman is found at a mixed martial arts match – with ties to one of the fighters.

Episode 12 – Bloodhounds

When Patrick Jane and the CBI work with a scientific profiler, Dr Montague, to solve a double murder, it becomes a competition for Jane to prove that his methods are superior.

Episode 13 – Red Alert

A man accused of murder holds Patrick Jane and others at gunpoint in an effort to clear his name.  Now, Jane must think quickly to defuse the hostage situation.

Episode 14 – Blood For Blood

Van Pelt’s actions are called into question and her position within the CBI is jeopardised when a witness is murdered while she is assigned to his protection.

Episode 15 – Red Gold

When a modern-day prospector is found dead near a mining site and Lisbon is injured during the initial stages of the investigation, Agent Hightower joins Patrick Jane in the field for the first time.

Episode 16 – Red Queen

When the CBI investigates the murder of an antiques dealer found dead in a museum, the evidence indicates that the suspect may be a member of the team.

Episode 17 – Bloodstream

The CBI team searches for a killer amongst a hospital’s staff and patients after a doctor is found dead at a golf course.

Episode 18 – The Red Mile

When a man believing to have experienced an alien abduction is found dead, the CBI team must track down his killer – even after the victim’s body is stolen from the coroner’s van.

Episode 19 – Every Rose Has Its Thorn

When the owner of an online matchmaking service is shot to death, Patrick Jane sets out to prove his beautiful yet manipulative wife is the killer.

Episode 20 – Redacted

Patrick Jane is confronted with two botched robberies:  one that leaves a repair shop owner dead and the other involving a man Jane personally hired to break into LaRoche’s home.

Episode 21 – Like A Redheaded Stepchild

When a prison guard is stabbed to death outside of a jewellery store, Patrick Jane visits the state prison to find the killer, while Rigsby questions his own father about the murder.

Episode 22 – Rhapsody in Red

After a young violinist is shot to death, Patrick Jane questions the members of the Northern California Symphony Orchestra about the murder.  Meanwhile, Cho crosses paths with a precocious young pickpocket.

Episode 23 – Strawberrries And Cream – Part 1

In part one of this two-part episode, Red John’s CBI informant is finally revealed and Patrick Jane comes face-to-face with the serial killer.

Episode 24 – Strawberrries And Cream – Part 2

In the conclusion of this two-part episode, Patrick Jane comes face-to-face with the serial killer in an explosive confrontation that leads to shocking repercussions.

Episode 1 – Scarlet Ribbons

After being imprisoned, Patrick Jane has to prove that the man he shot really was Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon is trying to persuade Van Pelt to seek counselling in the aftermath of her fiance’s death.

Episode 2 – Little Red Book

The CBI has a new supervising agent, Ray Haffner, while Patrick Jane is trying to get his team back together.

Episode 3 – Pretty Red Balloon

A former client, who still believes that Jane was a psychic, asks for help when her son is kidnapped.

Episode 4 – Ring Around the Rosie

While Lisbon looks into the death of a photographer at a political rally, Jane has his sights set on proving a man carrying a gun at the same rally is a psychopath with murder on his mind.

Episode 5 – Blood and Sand

An island off the coast of California holds clues to a murdered woman. Rigsby worries that because he has a new girlfriend, Van Pelt will feel uncomfortable around him.

Episode 6 – Where In The World Is Carmine O’Brien

While trying to solve the murder of a police chief Lisbon runs into her brother Tommy, a bounty hunter, who’s tracking a bail jumper.

Episode 7 – Blinking Red Light

The CBI team is trying to find a serial killer while Jane encounters a blogger who has devoted his life to finding the killer.

Episode 8 – Pink Tops

In order to determine who killed an undercover narc, Jane and the CBI team must go back over every step of her investigation.

Episode 9 – The Redshirt

Jane and Lisbon are investigating the murder of an NFL star who was blown up in a car explosion while Rigsby and Harrigan take their relationship to the next level.

Episode 10 – Fugue in Red

Jane almost drowns while investigating a fireman’s murder and loses his memory, turning him into his old con man self.

Episode 11 – Always Bet on Red

Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a high-end divorce attorney with many enemies, after he is killed on his speed boat.

Episode 12 – My Bloody Valentine

The CBI don’t have much to go on when a mob boss’ son is killed and Van Pelt is troubled by recollections of O’Laughlin’s shooting.

Episode 13 – Red is the New Black

The CBI team must determine who killed a disgraced clothing designer who was on the verge of a comeback. FBI Agent Darcy hasn’t finished with her investigation into Red John.

Episode 14 – At First Blush

While the jury deliberates, Jane tries to prove a woman charged with murder is innocent. While helping Cho with a case, Summer may have gone too far.

Episode 15 – War of Roses

When Erica Flynn, someone Jane helped convict of murder, claims to have information about the death of a charity worker, Jane has her furloughed in exchange for that information.

Episode 16 – His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

When an anti-cult activist is murdered, Jane must determine if cult leader Bret Stiles is responsible.

Episode 17 – Cheap Burgundy

Jane goes along with Agent Darcy’s request for his help even though he suspects she’s intentionally keeping something concealed.

Episode 18 – Ruddy Cheeks

The murder of a wealthy salesman with terminal cancer is investigated by the CBI. Cho must confront things that he’s been trying hard to avoid.

Episode 19 – Pink Champagne On Ice

Jane runs into a stage magician from his tour days while he and the CBI are investigating the murder of a casino employee.

Episode 20 – Something Rotten In Redmund

While Cho and Summer hide their relationship, Jane and the CBI try to determine who killed a popular English teacher. Rigsby nervously awaits the birth of his child.

Episode 21 – Ruby Slippers

The CBI investigate the death of a young man found outside a cabaret and who was bullied by everyone on their suspect list.

Episode 22 – So Long, Thanks For All The Red Snapper

The investigation into the death of a surfer reunites Lisbon with her former fiance. Cho is beginning to question why he’s with Summer.

Episode 23 – Red Rover, Red Rover

Red John taunts Jane on the eighth anniversary of his wife and daughter’s death.

Episode 24 – The Crimson Hat

The CBI team looks into the murder of a John Doe. When Jane fails again in his attempt to defeat Red John, he hits rock bottom, finds a lover and things go downhill from there.

Episode 1 – The Red Glass Bead

On the fifth season premiere, Jane tries to decipher Red John’s connection with Lorelei Martins while the CBI team is forced to partner with an FBI squad — including Agent Gabe Mancini and Senior Agent Alexa Schultz — to solve the murder of a hotel employee.

Episode 2 – Devil’s Cherry

While the CBI team investigates the murder of a diamond cutter, Jane meets a girl who claims to be his late daughter, Charlotte.

Episode 3 – Not One Red Cent
When a bank employee is murdered during a heist, Jane and the team get to work to track down the killer.  Meanwhile, Lisbon is dragged deeper into the CBI/FBI rivalry.

Episode 4 – Blood Feud
When Rigsby’s father is found injured at a crime scene, the team must find out if it is the result of a longstanding small-town gang war.

Episode 5 – Red Dawn
In the show’s 100th episode, the series goes back eight years to show Jane meet Teresa Lisbon and work his first case with the CBI team.  See how Patrick Jane went from a devastated husband/father in search of information about Red John to consultant for the CBI.

Episode 6 – Cherry Picked

The CBI team investigates the kidnapping of a couple that may be the victim of mistaken identity, while Jane continues his investigation into Lorelei’s whereabouts.

Episode 7 – If it Bleeds, It Leads

The CBI team investigates the murder of a reporter who may have become too close to her story, while Jane insists on pursuing his own leads to find Lorelei.

Episode 8 – Red Sails In The Sunset
With the help of Brett Stiles, Jane orchestrates an elaborate plan to break Lorelei Martins out of prison in the hopes of her leading him to Red John.

Episode 9 – Black Cherry
The CBI team investigates the murder of a real estate agent with former gang ties, while Jane searches for leads on his new connection to Red John.

Episode 10 – Panama Red
The death of a young botanist leads the CBI team into the lucrative world of medical marijuana, while Cho’s work with the rapid response team brings him back into contact with his former girlfriend and confidential informant, Summer Edgecombe.

Episode 11 – Days Of Wine And Roses
The CBI team visits a high-end California rehab center in order to investigate the death of a young model who was a patient there, while Lisbon ramps up her investigation into multimillionaire Tommy Volker.

Episode 12 – Little Red Corvette
Will a months-old murder help Lisbon collar the elusive Tommy Volker?  The CBI team investigates the death of a geologist — a murder, which Lisbon is convinced is the key to bringing down multimillionaire Volker.

Episode 13 – The Red Barn
Has Jane finally found Red John’s origins?  The CBI team investigates a 25-year-old case that seems to involve both Red John and the Visualize group; while Lisbon contemplates her future.

Episode 14 – Red In Tooth And Claw

The CBI team delves into the surprisingly cutthroat world of academics in a case involving a graduate student at a natural history museum.

Episode 15 – Red Lacquer Nail Polish
Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of elderly heiress Elise Vogelson, whose remains are found in the living room of her spooky mansion.

Episode 16 – There Will Be Blood
Lorelei Martins returns, determined to find out if Red John had a role in her sister’s death, and Jane is forced to confess to Lisbon his part in Lorelei’s prison escape.

Episode 17 – Red, White and Blue
The CBI team investigates when the body of a female army medic who worked with soldiers suffering from PTSD is found near a military base.

Episode 18 – Behind The Red Curtain
When the young lead of a local theatre production dies on the eve of the show’s opening, the CBI team is called in to investigate.  Meanwhile, Jane hopes to get more information about Red John from the comatose Jason Lennon.

Episode 19 – Red Letter Day
The CBI team heads out to wrangle suspects in a run-down Wild West tourist town when the owner is found dead.  Meanwhile, Kirkland tries to find out how much Patrick knows about Red John.

Episode 20 – Red Velvet Cupcakes
Rigsby and Van Pelt go undercover as a couple with relationship problems to investigate the death of a woman who received advice from a radio love doctor.

Episode 21 – Red And Itchy
J.J. LaRoche personally requests Jane’s help when the mysterious container he’s had hidden in his safe for nine years is stolen from his home.

Episode 22 – Red John’s Rules
Just as Jane narrows down the Red John list to seven suspects, Red John strikes again — and the victim is linked to Jane’s past in the fifth season cliffhanger finale.

Episode 1 – The Desert Rose

Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation and psychological manipulation. Within the Bureau, Jane is notorious for his blatant lack of protocol and his semi-celebrity past as a former psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. His final act in playing a psychic was to challenge the serial killer Red John on television — resulting in the murder of Jane’s wife and daughter.  Now, Jane longs for revenge, having narrowed down Red John’s identity to a list of seven possible suspects.  Jane’s role in cracking a series of tough, high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents; however no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Jane’s usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries.  Lisbon’s team includes agents Kimball Cho , Wayne Rigsby, and Grace Van Pelt, who all agree that Jane is a loose cannon, but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases

And then there were seven…  Armed with a list of seven Red John suspects, Patrick Jane and the CBI team are closing in on the elusive serial killer, while solving the state’s most serious crimes.  Could Red John be cult leader Bret Stiles?  Ghoulish forensic analyst Brett Partridge? The super-suspicious Homeland Security Agent Bob Kirkland?  Law officials Ray Haffner, Reede Smith, or Sheriff McAllister?  Or the director of the CBI himself, Gale Bertram?  The chase is on in Season Six.

On the season premiere episode, Jane and Lisbon secretly continue their dangerous mission to narrow down the list of seven Red John suspects — Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Reede Smith, Robert Kirkland, Brett Partridge and Sheriff Thomas McAllister — as they investigate the murder of a man who was missing for two years.

Episode 2 – Black Winged Redbird

Jane discovers an important clue to Red John’s methods as the team encounters four of the suspects — Gale Bertram, Reede Smith, Ray Haffner and Sheriff McAllister — and the CBI investigates the case of a software engineer killed by a drone strike.

Episode 3 – Wedding In Red

Jane gets the CBI involved in a case in Napa in order to focus on Sheriff McAllister, while Van Pelt and Rigsby finally take a trip down the aisle and get married.

Episode 4 – Red Listed

Jane reveals that a list of fake Red John suspects he planted was stolen — and the CBI team realizes that these men are in danger.  AUNJANUE ELLIS returns as former CBI Director Madeleine Hightower.

Episode 5 – The Red Tattoo

When a prominent member of Visualize is mysteriously killed, Jane investigates in the hopes that the case will provide a clue that will lead him to Red John.

Episode 6 – Fire And Brimstone

With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects — Gale Bertram, Bret Stiles, Reede Smith, Ray Haffner and Tom McAllister — in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity.

Episode 7 – The Great Red Dragon

Following the shocking events at Jane’s house, the Red John list is narrowed down further, and the CBI’s priority is the remaining suspects.

Episode 8 – Red John

Patrick Jane finally comes face to face with Red John, the serial killer he’s tracked since the madman murdered his wife and daughter.  For ten years, Jane has doggedly hunted his nemesis in his search for justice.

Episode 9 – My Blue Heaven

Two years after the Red John case was put to rest, Jane’s newfound peace is interrupted by a surprising job offer that could change everything for him.

Episode 10 – Green Thumb

The FBI reluctantly enlists Jane’s help to find a missing computer programmer, but he won’t help unless Lisbon is brought on board as well.  It’s a whole new world for Jane…and for the FBI.  But will their arrangement actually work?

Episode 11 – White Lines

The FBI is tasked with finding the killer of several DEA agents, and Jane goes on a date with a beautiful woman associated with the case.

Episode 12 – The Golden Hammer

Jane and the FBI investigate the murder of a high-tech cartographer who may have unearthed a spy ring before his death. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt find themselves on the trail of an alarming conspiracy.

Episode 13 – Black Helicopters

Jane joins a separatist commune to find out how a  U.S. attorney was found dead in Mexico, even though  there’s no record of her crossing the border.   Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt convince J.J. LaRoche to help  them discover who’s stalking former CBI members.

Episode 14 – Grey Water

Jane and Fischer investigate a murder at an oil  fracking site, while Rigsby and Van Pelt travel to  Austin to reunite with the team and help investigate  suspects in the string of attacks on former CBI team  members.

Episode 15 – White As The Driven Snow

When Grace is kidnapped by the killer who has been hunting former CBI members and the prime suspect appears to have an airtight alibi, Jane must rely on all his skills to locate her before time runs out.

Episode 16 – Violets

Jane enlists his colleagues in a dangerous sting operation to catch a deadly team of art thieves.  Meanwhile, sparks fly between Lisbon and an agent from the FBI’s art squad – Marcus Pike.

Episode 17 – Silver Wings Of Time

Jane and the FBI take up the cause of a Death Row inmate who has two days to prove his innocence before his sentence is carried out. Can they solve this cold case in time?

Episode 18 – Forest Green

When a woman is found murdered near a remote men’s social club, Jane must find a way to insinuate himself into the insular group of the rich and powerful to find the killer.

Episode 19 – Brown Eyed Girls

A chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual leads Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remains tempted by an offer from Agent Marcus Pike to move to Washington, D.C. with him.

Episode 20 – I1 Tovalo Bianco

Jane’s freedom is at stake when a grand jury is empanelled to decide if he should be tried for the murder of Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon tries to find out how Jane feels about the possibility of her leaving Austin with Agent Pike: and Cho and Abbott follow new leads in the human smuggling ring they recently uncovered.

Episode 21 – Black Hearts

With time running out to save the victims of a kidnapping ring before they are transported overseas, Jane and Lisbon zero in on the criminal enterprise’s mastermind.  Meanwhile, Lisbon decides if she will move to D.C. with Agent Pike.

Episode 22 – Blue Bird

In the sixth season finale, a new lead in a cold case requires Lisbon to delay her plans to leave for Washington, D.C. with Marcus Pike, giving Jane time to finally come to terms with his feelings for her and decide on a course of action.

Episode 1 – Nothing But Blue Skies…

Patrick Jane, a consultant with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation and psychological manipulation. Formerly employed by the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Jane spent two years off the grid after tracking down and killing Red John, the serial killer who murdered Jane’s wife and daughter.  Jane later cut a deal with the FBI to work for them, convincing former CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon to join him.  They are supervised by the no–nonsense Agent Dennis Abbott, and work alongside former CBI agent Kimball Cho, FBI analyst Jason Wylie and young, ambitious Agent Michelle Vega. Now that Lisbon and Jane have confessed their love for one another, they must find a way to be partners in both their professional and personal lives.

On the seventh and final season premiere episode, Jane and Lisbon are a few weeks into their new relationship when they investigate the murder of an undercover agent.  However, they decide to keep their relationship a secret from their colleagues, including the young, ambitious agent Michelle Vega who’s joined the team.

Episode 2 – The Greybar Hotel

Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a  convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of the high- end car theft ring.

Episode 3 – Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Jane and Lisbon travel on a dangerous mission in Beirut where  they must work with a familiar adversary, femme fatale Erica  Flynn, who agrees to  help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist  organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes.

Episode 4 – Black Market

The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm is wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington D.C.

Episode 5 – The Silver Briefcase

A chance encounter with a military colonel leads Jane to believe the officer is hiding something, prompting him to dig into the closed murder case of the man’s wife.

Episode 6 – Green Light

The FBI is brought in to consult on a botched DEA raid, but when Abbott’s former boss tries to blackmail Abbott into keeping the agency’s missteps quiet, he is forced to choose between his career and his morals.

Episode 7 – Little Yellow House

A murder investigation becomes personal for Lisbon when she learns that her underachieving younger brother, Jimmy, is being sought as a key witness.

Episode 8 – The Whites Of His Eyes

Jane worries for Lisbon’s safety when the team puts itself in the line of fire to protect the witness in a murder investigation from a skilled assassin.

Episode 9 – Copper Bullet

When Abbott’s old boss, Agent Peterson, threatens Abbott’s career – and possibly his freedom – Jane devises a risky plan to protect his friend’s future.

Episode 10 – Nothing Gold Can Stay

Jane takes extreme measures as the FBI team tries to apprehend a deadly gang of armored car robbers before their desperation to remain free costs more innocent people their lives.

Episode 11 – Byzantium

A young man claiming to have psychic powers offers his help to the FBI in solving a pair of murders, but when he leads them to additional victims, Jane begins to suspect that he is in fact, the cunning killer they’re hunting.

Episode 12 – Brown Shag Carpet

Jane agrees to once again pretend to be a renowned psychic and be used as bait in an attempt to lure out a serial killer and give the FBI a chance to apprehend him.

Episode 13 – White Orchids

In the series finale episode, Lisbon accepts Jane’s surprise marriage proposal, but a killer’s quest for revenge may cost them the happy ending they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The Mentalist

Season 7
Date & time
11: Byzantium
11: Byzantium
Tue 5 February·11:30am
Wed 6 February·3:00am
10: Nothing Gold Can Stay
10: Nothing Gold Can Stay
Tue 5 February·10:30am
Wed 6 February·2:10am
9: Copper Bullet
9: Copper Bullet
Mon 4 February·11:30am
Tue 5 February·3:00am
8: The Whites Of His Eyes
8: The Whites Of His Eyes
Mon 4 February·10:30am
Tue 5 February·2:10am
7: Little Yellow House
7: Little Yellow House
Sat 2 February·3:00am
6: Green Light
6: Green Light
Sat 2 February·2:10am
5: The Silver Briefcase
5: The Silver Briefcase
Fri 1 February·3:00am
4: Black Market
4: Black Market
Fri 1 February·2:10am
3: Orange Blossom Ice Cream
3: Orange Blossom Ice Cream
Thu 31 January·3:00am
2: The Greybar Hotel
2: The Greybar Hotel
Thu 31 January·2:10am
1: Nothing But Blue Skies...
1: Nothing But Blue Skies...
Wed 30 January·3:00am
22: Blue Bird
22: Blue Bird
Wed 30 January·2:10am
21: Black Hearts
21: Black Hearts
Tue 29 January·3:00am
20: Il Tavolo Bianco
20: Il Tavolo Bianco
Tue 29 January·2:10am
19: Brown Eyed Girls
19: Brown Eyed Girls
Sat 26 January·3:00am
18: Forest Green
18: Forest Green
Sat 26 January·2:10am
17: Silver Wings Of Time
17: Silver Wings Of Time
Fri 25 January·3:00am
16: Violets
16: Violets
Fri 25 January·2:10am
15: White As The Driven Snow
15: White As The Driven Snow
Thu 24 January·3:00am
14: Grey Water
14: Grey Water
Thu 24 January·2:10am
12: The Golden Hammer
12: The Golden Hammer
Sun 3 February·8:30am
Sun 3 February·2:30pm
11: White Lines
11: White Lines
Sun 3 February·7:30am
Sun 3 February·1:30pm
10: Green Thumb
10: Green Thumb
Sat 2 February·8:30am
Sat 2 February·2:30pm
9: My Blue Heaven
9: My Blue Heaven
Sat 2 February·7:30am
Sat 2 February·1:30pm
8: Red John
8: Red John
Sun 27 January·8:30am
Sun 27 January·2:30pm
7: The Great Red Dragon
7: The Great Red Dragon
Sun 27 January·7:30am
Sun 27 January·1:30pm
6: Fire And Brimstone
6: Fire And Brimstone
Sat 26 January·8:30am
Sat 26 January·2:30pm
5: The Red Tattoo
5: The Red Tattoo
Sat 26 January·7:30am
Sat 26 January·1:30pm