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CSI Miami

Golden Globe® winner David Caruso plays a high-tech homicide cop in this action-fueled look at crime and punishment in Florida’s tropical paradise in CSI Miami. When the heat is on and the bullets fly, Lieutenant Horatio Crane keeps his cool behind his trademark shades. Joined by ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne (The West Wing’s Emily Procter) and his crime lab team. Caine uses gut instinct and forensic tools to crack shocking cases. Delivering colorful locations and guest stars like Raquel Welch, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, CSI: Miami garnered a People’s Choice Award and has spawned a series of video games, comic books and novels during its 10-season network run. Magnum-force excitement scorches the streets of Miami in this  stylish hit with a proven rap sheet of spiking pulse rates and ratings.

CSI Miami is the first spin off series from the original CSI (based in Las Vegas) and gives an exciting new atmosphere and crime scenes to the city crime of Las Vegas.